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Use of our Site Material ( Award Name, Brand, Logo, Images & etc )

Only the Winners who purchase the winner packages have the rights to use Global Tourism Awards Brand Name, Logo, Website or any materials related to the award program. The winner announcement email sent to all the winners is just a communication and it is not a winner material or winner package. The winner package is applicable only for 1 year award program. If you are a winner of another year then you are required to purchase a winner package for the corresponding years to use Global Tourism Awards materials.

Use of Communications from You

Any communication that you send to us via our website, email, chat or any communication medium (a) will not be subject to confidential treatment, (b) may be used by us for any purpose, (c) may be reproduced, disclosed, or distributed by us without restriction or further consent from you, and (d) becomes our property when received by us.

Links to Other Sites

Global Tourism Awards Limited is not responsible for policies and practices of other websites that are accessible by hyperlink from our Site.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Although we work very hard to provide you with the most current and accurate information on our Site, we can’t and don’t warrant that everything you see on this Site is up-to-date, error-free or complete. While we may periodically add, modify or delete any of the information on this Site, we don’t make any commitment or assume any obligation or duty to do so, and you should assume that the information is current and up-to-date only as of the date it is posted to this Site. Neither we nor any of our consultants for this Site will be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of your access to or use of this Site. Everything on this Site is provided to you “AS IS,” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON INFRINGEMENT. Some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties so this statement may not apply to you.

Hereafter the word “Company” refers to the “Nominee” who register their company such as but not limited to Hotel, Travel agent, Transport company, Attraction / Sightseeing, Tourism Board, Tourism organization, Travel marketing company or any company which is related to tourism industry. The word “Organizer or Global Tourism Awards” refers to the “Global Tourism Awards Team” by KS AADHAVAN ENTERPRISES LLP – INDIA. By Nominating /registering your company at https://globaltourismawards.org or through our employees or partner means you agree the below terms and conditions.

  1. During the voting period, if a nominee is caught using a bot to vote or using email addresses that are invalid, we will reserve the right to disqualify or give warning to the property using these methods as we see fit.
  2. All voting results are kept confidential and will not be shared with any participants for any reasons.
  3. Proof of payment is required and should be emailed to accounts@ksaenterprise.com
  4. Registration invoice to be settled within the given due date.The full registration / nomination fee should reach the Global Tourism Awards (KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) account; thus, all relevant bank costs should be added, and provision should be made for any charges that may occur due to transferring of funds.
  5. Registrations can be paid via Bank Transfer or Credit Card or PayPal account.
  6. For hotels, 3 Nights all inclusive stay voucher is required for the hotel inspection by our team. Resort inspection is not mandatory for all hotels. Our team decides the inspection requirement. But It will increase the chances of winning the awards. 3 Nights stay voucher is applicable for 2 adults and 1 kid to enable the inspection
  7. Incase if the resort is not inspected by our team before the winner announcement, We may inspect the resort anytime within 1 year form the winner announcement to maintain the standard of the quality. We reserve the rights to cancel the award incase of any issues or quality compliance issues found during the inspection.
  8. When a property /company re-registers from one year to another, existing images and descriptions of the property will be used unless we receive the updated version within seven days from entry date.
  9. Authorised company representatives who submit entries will be our primary point of contact unless we are otherwise notified.
  10. Should there be any information changes on the side of the participating company or property, this should be emailed to your designated consultant to update the company profile or you can update it. Should any information changes (e.g. Contacts, name changes, category changes) not be communicated with the Global Tourism Awards (KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP), we will not be held responsible for outdated information of profiles.
  11. Global Tourism Awards (KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) retain the right to disqualify entries or winner at any point of time without prior notice.
  12. Images and information that you send us / update in your login will be used by us for any purpose, it will not be subject to confidential treatment and may be disclosed by us without further consent from participants.
  13. The update of official Global Tourism Awards (KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) marketing logo by the participating company on marketing material is compulsory. This will assist in generating votes during the annual voting process. It is compulsory to utilize marketing logos given to confirm that thecompany is an official participant. Once results are announced winner/finalist logos should also be implemented from the side of the company
  14. The once-off annual registration fee varies based on the category of the hotels such as 3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star Hotels, Tour operators & etc.., the detailed price will be mentioned in the invoice
  15. The company reserves the rights to modify/cancel/change any of the program such as but not limited to awards category, schedule, venue, date, price without prior notice
  16. All the nominations are self nomination basis. The company agrees that the information provided to the organizer is 100% accurate and organizer does not hold any responsibility on the information provided by the nominee company.
  17. Although we work very hard to provide you with the most current and accurate information on our website, we can’t and don’t warrant that everything you see on this Site is up-to-date, error-free or complete
  18. Yearly Nomination / Registration fees are not refundable.
  19. No cancellations will be accepted once entries have been successfully submitted.
  20. Global Tourism Awards team has 100% rights to change /cancel / remove any deliverables for the winner or nominee without prior notice.
  21. The non-refundable nomination fee is applicable only for the registration of award program, Marketing materials, Our portal login usage, visibility of your nomination details at our website, Copy right usage of our nominee logo. The nomination fee is not inclusive of the entry charges for the gala ceremony
  22. Organizer reserves the rights to qualify or disqualify any company and the company does not claim any questions towards the selection quality or process or nominee details or similar to that.
  23. All the nominations are verified by our internal process through electronic / computer based system and we do not guarantee for the quality of the filtering and we have a rights to change the approval any time without prior notice.
  24. By submitting the administration form, the company agrees to participate officially in the Global Tourism Awards (KS Aadhavan Enterprises LLP) for one year and you agree to use your company logo, photos and other associated materials for our award promotions and you agree that we can use all media materials such as your company logo, photo, representative testimonials including their details to all our customers or website visitors or anywhere in the internet for KS AADHAVAN ENTERPRISES LLP – INDIA product promotions.
  25. In case of any dispute, all legal matters are to be settled under Coimbatore, India jurisdiction only.
  26. At any cases, You are not allowed to communicate with our partners or customers such as but not limited to clients, participants, visitors without our written permission from KS Aadhavan enterprises LLP. Incase if we come across any instances like you are interacting with our partners without any written permission then we reservers the rights to cancel the award and claim the damage of GBP 1 Million towards the damage of spoiling our brand name. You agree that we do not need to prove any damages and only the proof of communication is sufficient to claim the damage by the company.
  27. Nominating more categories will increase the chances of winning award but only maximum of 2 winning category per company is applicable and there is no refund is applicable for the non-winning categories.
  28. The organiser reservers the rights disclose the information about any members who are related to the awards such as but not limited to competitor, participants, Jury & etc. We do not disclose any of the above mentioned details to anyone.
  29. Online materials such as but not limited to Photos, Partner Logos, Partner name & company Name, Testimonial & etc are only for the representation purpose only and those are may not be directly related to globaltourismawards.org or not the actual show material. These media materials could be related to our sister / partner company product.
  30. Entry charges are applicable for every winner / participant to attend the Gala Ceremony.
  31. The winner must purchase the winner package to use winner certificate, winner badge and trophy. The winner should not use any of the winner certificate or badges or any marketing materials designed by themselves or others. The shipping charges are applicable for the winners package.
  32. We request you to go through these terms and conditions very often at our website to know the updated version of our terms.
  33. If attending Gala event, you will not be receiving your prestigious award items ordered, but will only receive your certificate of recognition on stage to take home with you. We previously experienced that most of the event attendees preferred to have their prestigious award items (trophy / certificate) couriered directly to their property or company, due to size and weight of these items making it more inconvenient and uncomfortable for their travel. Few Temporary trophies will be available on the stage during the gala ceremony and media banner photographic opportunities.