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Global Tourism Awards Participants

At Global Tourism Awards, We aim to recognise the best performers in each section in the Tourism & Travel industry.


Every company in Hospitality industry companies such as Luxury hotel, 5 / 4 / 3 Star Hotels, Villas, Apartments, Guest Houses, Lodges, Motels & more.

Travel Companies

All tourism and travel companies such as DMCs, Travel Agents, Tour operators, Car Rental Companies, Transport companies & much more


Any company which falls into attractions such as Theme parks, water parks, Zoo, Safari, Museums and any sightseeing / activity management company

Tourism Organizations

Different types of tourism organisations can take part at GTA such as Country, State & City Tourism Boards, non-profit tourism organisations & etc..,

Media Highlights

Global Tourism Awards & its associated awards are featured in top most PR & Media channels. Following are few of them.

Few of the Global brands with our Awards Group

Year 2022 Winners

Why Global Tourism Awards

Recognition & Rewards

We award and celebrate service excellence in Tourism Industry which offers a great recognition

Worldwide Promotion

Benefit from the global promotions of Global Tourism Awards to take your brand to next level

Customer Growth

Generates exposure to an expanded travel market such as Leisure Tourism & Hospitality

Networking Opportunities

Connect with Tourism industry leaders worldwide and forge new opportunities through networking at premier events.

Staff Recognition

Motivation, employee job satisfaction, High productivity and morale are boosted by well-deserved staff recognition.

Online Website Profile

Your stunning company profile display offering direct links to all your online platforms for increased coverage and generating new business

Awards Procedure


Is there a cost to the awards?

No, there is no fee to participate in any of our global award programmes. One thing that often comes up whilst coordinating our awards is the question “is there any cost to be involved?”. Whilst some travel and tourism awards rely on the participants funding the award upfront or purchasing expensive tables at galas and ceremonies; all our awards are free of charge since we understand that there should not be any expenses to participate in the tourism award.

Our process is designed to be as streamlined as possible to avoid unnecessary costs to any participant. All our judges are involved on a voluntary basis and vetted for credibility. We are a group of highly experienced tourism professionals who joins hands to support tourism and excellent performers in the tourism industry.

For those who win an award the option is available to purchase decorative items such as trophies or subsequent advertising to further promote themselves beyond our standard winner’s package. This is in no way compulsory and bears no influence over who is selected.

How do I get Nominated in the Global Tourism Award ?

All our nomination processes are online. Yes. You can nominate your tourism company or hotel online by yourself at no cost We also have some industry experts including tourism professionals, Jury team, travel writers and bloggers that put forward a selection of their favourites to be considered.

Who are the judges ?

Our award judging panel comprises highly experienced tourism professionals from various business categories such as Tourism Board, Tourism Associations, Hotel Associations, Hospitality industry professionals, DMCs, travel writers and bloggers, industry experts and public or media figures. All final decisions are confirmed by our awards directors and managers who also act as the judging panel. If you wished to be considered as a judge please submit your application

What are all the winner's Benefits ?

Global Tourism Awards winners are entitled to receive an ample amount of marketing benefits. Please refer to the winner’s Benefits section for more details.

Winner's Benefits

  • Winner Certificate
  • Winner Badge
  • Winner Plaque
  • Winner Medal
  • Golden color Award Winner Trophy
  • List on Winner’s Section @ award portal
  • Listing on Winner’s Section @ award portal
  • List on Featured Winner’s Section
  • Link to Your Website
  • Link to your social media platforms
  • Booking / Reservation Option
  • Profile Page for your company at Award Portal
  • Winner’s Speech Video
  • Posting on our Social Media Platform
  • PR Submission at International Tourism News Portal
  • PR Highlighted on News Portal Home Page
  • Highlighted on Award Home Page
  • Post on our Social media Platform
  • Inclusion of your brand in Tourism Newsletter to 50,000+ Tourism / Travel Trade professionals around the world

Award Category

At Global Tourism Awards, We have designed award categories which are suitable for most of the business categories in tourism industry.

For Hotels
  • Business Hotel
  • City Hotel
  • Heritage Hotel
  • Beach Hotel
  • island Hotel
  • Lake Side Hotel
  • River Side Hotel
  • Airport Hotel
  • Beach Side Hotel
  • Mountain View Hotel
  • Mountain Hotel
  • Ski Hotel
For Resorts
  • Beach Resort
  • island Resort
  • Jungle Resort
  • Forest Resort
  • Beach Front Resort
  • Riverside resort
  • Mountain Resort
  • Ski Resort
  • Spa Resort
  • Snow Resort
  • Spa Resort
  • Lake Resort
For Travel Companies
  • Business Hotel
  • City Hotel
  • Heritage Hotel
  • Beach Hotel
  • island Hotel
  • Lake Side Hotel
  • River Side Hotel
  • Airport Hotel
  • Beach Side Hotel
  • Mountain View Hotel
  • Mountain Hotel
  • Ski Hotel


“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” – Matthew Karsten. We are a group that values tourism and believe to travel is to evolve. Our team is an embodiment of highly experienced tourism enthusiasts. Our team included hospitality leaders, directors from various travel companies, Editors from Tourism media, Tourism professionals, and experts.
The team wants to celebrate those who perform exceptionally well in the industry with their exceptionally well-designed services and make the industry more welcoming.
The jury team is a passionate association formed by Veteran and renowned personnel who are enthusiastic about the industry and are well-versed in its workings.


The association’s main aim is to recognise organisations that are performing exceptionally well in their field of business. The Association awards under various categories like Hotel, Resorts, Apartments, Villas, Lodge, Guesthouses and Spas. Under each category, the awards are further divided into sub-categories accommodating the diverse pool of organisations and helping them in being recognised.


Recognition is a way to encourage businesses to work more efficiently. We firmly believe that the Tourism industry is booming and needs more interaction with its customers pre-post their stay. Recognition gives the organisation more visibility and credibility and helps create a strong brand image, customer loyalty. It is proven that awards and recognition also increase business revenue and employee satisfaction. This also allows organisations to set a benchmark in the industry, providing the customers with superior services.
Additionally, as tourism industry lovers, we wish to recognise those organisations that are shaping the industry and showcase them to a strong leadership; our goal is to provide the very best tips on spine wellness to discerning readers; this way, we intend to bring out the best in the tourism industry and highlight it for the world to see.