Any company into tourism industry is eligible to nominate. Few of them are as below,

  • Hotels / Resorts ( 1 star to 5 Star )
  • Unrated Hotels / Resorts / villas
  • Apartments / Homestays
  • Travel Companies
  • Travel agency
  • Tour Operator
  • DMCs
  • Airlines
  • Cruise
  • Attractions
  • Theme Parks
  • Sightseeings


Yes. We have a separate category for nominating your company individuals. You can nominate any of the following company individuals.

  • General Manager
  • Director
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CMO 
  • Marketing Director
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • PR Director
  • PR Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Chef
  • Spa Manager
  • F & B Manager

Yes. You can nominate multiple hotel / companies / restaurant / spa under your (same) account.

IMPORTANT :  You do NOT need to create a separate account for each nomination. Under the same account (same login), You can nominate multiple hotels, restaurants, spa  & etc.

Yes. You can nominate your Spa in your hotel.

To nominate Spa, You must have (buy) Spa Credit or Global Credit.

1 Spa nomination credit or 1 Global credit is required to nominate 1 Spa.

As a speical case, We offer 2 Categories on complimentary basis for your first company nomination.  

You are required to purchase Nomination Credit to nominate the following.

  • Additional Hotel
  • Additional Travel Company
  • Nominating Your Spa
  • Nominating Your Restaurant
  • Nominating your company Individual (GM / Director / Sales Director / PR Director /Manager / Chef & etc)

1 Nomination Credit = 1 Nomination

There are 2 Types of Credits.

  1. Global Credit : Can be used to nominate anything & everything ( Spa / Restaurant / individual / Additional company).
    Example : If you have 1 Global credit then you can use that credit to nominate your restaurant or spa or individual or additional hotel.

  2. Regular Credit : can be used only for the particular category.
    Example : If you purchased Spa Credit then you must use that credit Only for nominating your Spa.
    You can not use your Spa credit for nominating your Restaurant / individual or any other.

You are required to purcahse nomination credit to nomiate additional hotel or additional company or Your Spa or Your Restaurant or Your company individual.

There are 2 Types of Credits.

  1. Global Credit : Can be used to nominate anything & everything ( Spa / Restaurant / individual / Additional company).
    Example : If you have 1 Global credit then you can use that credit to nominate your restaurant or spa or individual or additional hotel.

  2. Regular Credit : can be used only for the particular category.
    Example : If you purchased Spa Credit then you must use that credit Only for nominating your Spa.
    You can not use your Spa credit for nominating your Restaurant / individual or any other.

You will receive lot of marketing benefits upon successful nomination at Tourism Award program. Some of them are as below,

  • Nominee Certificate
  • Nominee Badge
  • Marketing Materials
    • Voting Banners - Email Signature Banner
    • Email Marketing Banners - Small & Medium Advertising Banner.
  • Exclusive company Profile page on our Tourism Portal
    • Your company details & descriptions
    • Your company photos
    • Achievements, Awards 
    • Image gallery of your company
    • YouTube video embedding facility.
    • Contact Details of your reservation team 
    • Sales Contact to generate new business opportunities
  • Options to generate Travel leads through your profile page
  • Listing of your company in Nominees section for 3 years.
  • Link to your company / hotel website and social media channels


Every Award company charges one time registration and nomination fee. As a special case, We are the only award company in the world we do not charge Nomination Fee. But ofcourse, we charge very minimal registeration to cover up our basic costs.  

We strongly recommend Annual Subscription Fee for the following reasons.

  • You can lock annual Registration fee for next 3 years. Even if we incrase registration fee, You will enjoy the same lowest (this year) fee for next 3 years.
  • Save upto 40% of the total fee.
  • You can cancel anytime if you do not like to continue for next year.
  • No need to pay manually - This is automatic subscription. Your marketing activities are automated year on year basis.
  • Your profile will be HIGHLIGHTED on Nominees section.
  • We recommend Participants to vote for your company to increase your winning chance.



Participating in our Tourism Awards program delivers brand growth. As an official participant, each company receives a digital marketing service and promotional campaign toolkit to ensure maximum exposure on all global marketing platforms. Winning a Tourism Award will not only inspire the confidence of guests and retain a loyal clientele in this highly competitive worldwide tourism market, but it will also stimulate continuous growth and development of your tourism brand

You need to pay ONLY one time registration fee. This registration fee is applicable for the entire Year. For example if you participate in Year 2020 award program then You need to pay only one time registration fee for participating in Year 2020. You are NOT required to pay for any additional fee or No need to pay for every winning level. If you become a winner then You can order Winner package. But this is NOT compulsory. This is purely your own decision.
We do offer 2 categories on complimentary basis. If you like to nominate more hotel / companies or more categories then here is the pricing. Nominating Additional Hotel / Additional Company : GBP 89 Per company / hotel (only registration fee) Additional Category Nomination : GBP 129 Spa Nomination             :  GBP 149 Restaurant Nomination :  GBP 129 Individual Nomination   :  GBP 89 Note : You will be able to nominate additional categories, Spa & Restaurant Nomination ONLY after your nomination is approved by our internal team. Here is a brief information about additional nomination. Step 1 : Nominate your company Step 2 : Our internal Jury team review and approve your nomination. Step 3 : You are required to pay one time registration fee of GBP 89 to proceed to Stage 2. Step 4: You can nominate additional company or Spa or Restaurant or Individual now. Voting & other procedure follows here.

We have 3 levels of winning in Tourism awards, Each level winner is eligible to get all Winner Benefits such as Trophy, certificate, winner medal & etc.

  1. City Level :  You will compete with other compenies in same category in same city
  2. State Level : You will compete with other companies in same category in same state.
  3. Country Level : You will compete country level for the same category.
  4. Region Level : Our Jury picks the winner based from the country level winners.

Winning Difficulty Levels : 

City Level         : Easy
State Level       : Moderate
Country Level   : High competition
Regional Level : Jury Selection


There are 2 stages of judging.

Stage 1 : Voting by Public - You need to get votings from your customers, industry colleagues. Voting accounts 50% to decide the winning chance.
Stage 2 : Voting by Jury Team - Our jury team which consists of 50 member team analyse your product offering, category matching, product reviews & lot other paramets to decide the winning chance.

Your winning chance will be decided based on Stage 1 & Stage 2 Results.

We usually offer voting for 30 days to every company. Your voting period may start from 10 to 15 days upon completing your successful nomination.

We will notify 5 days prior to your voting start date. You can plan your voting campaigns.

Please refer winner's guide to get more voting.

Try to get more votings from Tourism Industry professional. Since we believe that Tourism industry professionals are highly experienced and they are the best person to judge the quality of your service in every corner.

Tourism industry voting has more points than general public / traveler.

Yes. Ofcourse. You can track your votings on your dashboard.

Once your voting period is started, You can view the voting statistics on your Dashboard which we provided at the time of Nomination.

Sorry. We do not extend voting period for any company. 

Yes. You can submit your Jury application on our website. We will review your application and get back to you at the earliest. Once you have approved, You can start posting your ratings for every nominees.

Yes. We are transparent in judging. You can see the comments /reviews of the jury team on your dashboard.

You will receive the following marketing materials.

  1. Voting Banners - Email signature & News letter signatures
  2. Unique Company Profile Page URL
  3. Highlighting on our Nominee Page
  4. Nomination Certificate
  5. Nominee Badge - You can embed the badge on your webiste.

Yes. You should get minimum of 50 votes from Tourism industry professionals to move it to the next stage. But the winning chance is purely based on number of votes you and your competitors receive.

We strongly recommend you to get more votings.

We have a winner Guide which helps you to get more voting and proven based on our previous winners in Tourism industry.

Follow all the strategies mentioned in the Winner guide. We are very much sure that it works like a magic.  Please refer winners Guide.

Yes. We strongly recommend PR Submission. This helps you to get more voting. We also offer 1,000 Voting points when you submit PR. Please refer "My PR Submission" section in your dashboard for more details.

We also suggest some of the best Travel PR Submission websites which help your market and get more votings.

Yes. Some of the companies are really interested to get award but they struggle to get votes. Since we are the leaders we know what works and what does not.

So, We have a "Winner Bundle" package which helps you to make your winning chances higher and higher. Some of the services we offer as part of the winner bundle are as below,

  • Highlight Your profile on Nominees Section to get more votings
  • Email marketing to Travel Trade professions - Your brand will be placed in email content.
  • Recommendation to Vote : Whenever someone votes for other companies, We recommend them to vote for your companies.
  • Highlight your company profile as featured winner.
  • We offer additional categories and additional nominations to increase the winning chance.

The above are just few services. But we work hard to make your company in winning circle.

NO. Sky is the limit. You can submit upto 1,000 PRs about your nomination.

You get  upto 1,000 voting points for every PR you submit.

All Level winners are eligible to get the Winner Package. Following items are as part of the winner package.

  • Winner Trophy
  • Winner Plaque
  • Digital Winner Certificate
  • Digital Winner Badge
  • Winner Medal
  • Company listed under winner section.


Our goal is to recognise the best performing companies in tourism industry motivate them to excel and promote them in a global stage. 

We have experienced that, Our previous winners spend about USD 3,000 to USD 4,000 for attending a Gala ceremony (Considering 2 persons travelling by flight, Hotel stay, Transfers & etc ). Moreover the Trophy, Certificate, Plaque, Medal are vital for your promotional activities which brings more revenue. 

This is the feedback we have received from most of our Winners in the past. So, We have decided not to conduct gala ceremony just to save our winner's marketing budget.

Most of the Award company charges GBP 500 to GBP 800 for Trophy. 

Our goal is to promote the winners at the same time they do not burn their hand. We charge just a Manufacturing cost and shipping cost. 

Below are just an approximate cost of the winner package.

Trophy : GBP 120
Plaque : GBP 100

Note : Please note that we can NOT go below this price because this is going to play a major role on your premises and we do not want to compromise on quality.

Yes. We encourage you to submit press releases as much as possible. Let the world know that you are the Leader in Tourism Industry.

Unlike other Award program, We do NOT charge much for winner package. Since we do not collect any Nomination fee, Our aim is to collect the manufacturing, Shipping & other expense of winner package. Considering this we have carefully designed the winner package cost as below, Winner Certificate & Badge : GBP 69 Winner Trophy (15" inch) : GBP 129 + Shipping fee Winner Plaque : GBP 89 + Shipping fee Winner Medal : Will be provided on Complimentary. basis for every Trophy & Plaque Order. Note : Winner Package is optional and its your choice of ordering once you become a winner.